I am California girl, born and raised. Long time blogger, lover of all things social and creative genius. I'm well versed in the ways of social media because I've been around since the inception. When I'm not Tweeting or filming, I can be found chasing my seven kids around and quoting Nacho Libre. I adore music and the art of dance. I'm adventurous, generous, frivolous and a tad superfluous. And? I do it all left handed. Impressive, I know.


    I am the founder of Social Media Moms. I started the secret Facebook group back in 2010 as a place for some of the most influential moms online to find sanctuary, brain storm and learn from each other. http://www.socialmediamoms.net


    I have built a circle of friends and followers who trust what I say, take my suggestions and share my content. This is the kind of influence that can only come from years of genuine relationship building. I’ve done that and now I am able to enjoy the results of being a trusted voice on the web.
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    I am an idea person by nature I cannot seem to stop ideas from popping into my head every other minute of the day and sometimes the night. I use this gift to help businesses grow their audience and improve their social marketing.


    I was a mom blogger before there was such a thing. I started blogging as a means of catharsis and sanity retention. This blog, though not updated frequently anymore since my kids demand so much of my time, is the story of our journey through life as a large family.

Creating social marketing strategy is my passion. I can help you figure out which social platforms are right for you, create strategy for each platform and then incorporate them into your marketing. I also create and execute brand campaigns, events, ambassadorships and (occasionally) reviews. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to let me know how I can help you creatively market your brand using social media.

I write about what I love. If you read something here, it is because I am passionate about it. It may be random, it may not be perfectly formatted, but it is 100% me.


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    I was asked by Big Fuel, to do a video about Los Angeles and my role in social media, for the Buick Quest For The Keys. I went out to the Original Farmer’s Market to talk about why I love what I do. Then I went over to the Los Angeles Mission to deliver diapers on behalf of Help A Mother Out. The video turned out great and it was so amazing to be able to inspire others to do social good. Some day, I will be able to do this on a much larger scale, when my syndicated television show comes to fruition. For now, it is awesome to be able to do it via my first love, social media.



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    This week, I’m doing a shout out to those who have displayed real compassion via Twitter. The following deck is devoted to the people who inspire me to make social good a regular part of my life. Thank you for keeping my fire burning!






    Each of the featured Twitter Accounts have a whole article dedicated to their cause in this blog. Make sure that you read about the awesome things that they are doing for this world because they can always use more help and it is no accident that you are reading this post. Click on the slider below to be taken to each post and make sure that you follow them on Twitter to keep updated on their progress towards making the world a better place!



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    Our daughters are the future leaders and mothers of this world. We need to bring them up to love themselves and others. First, we need to lead by example. How can we teach what we do not live out? Then we need to seek out like minded people for support. The creators of 7 Wonderlicious are providing us mothers with the means of educating our daughters and finding like minded supporters. Here is their dream behind the brand:

    We are girls’ champions and superhero wanabees, we believe in the power of vision, hope, hard work, meaning and contribution.

    We are going to change the world and forever eliminate all threats to girlhood, we don’t settle for anything less.

    It’s going to be a difficult but a very rewarding journey, we will start small based on the resources we have today but we will reach for the moon and the stars.

    We will start in the west by forming and supporting a tribe of highly resourceful, confident, happy, healthy and empowered girls, but we will not stop there.

    Our tribe will grow into a movement of hope to resolve bigger, more complex problems affecting girls in third world countries and developing nations. There will be nothing that our tribe will not be able to resolve.

    Our 7 Wonderlicious girls represent all women; mums and daughters that want to be free from false limiting beliefs that are oppressing their true nature and getting in the way of allowing them to fulfill all their dreams. Our girls will inspire, will guide and educate billions of little girls around the world.

    Will you join our tribe?

    Ummmm…YES. Yes I will join your tribe because our daughters are inwardly starving for this. I will join because the media has done way too much in the past to destroy the self esteem of females.  And I will join because future depends on it. Will you join me in joining them?


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    ONE is a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization that fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, by raising public awareness and pressuring political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programs that are saving lives, helping to put kids in school and improving futures. Cofounded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African activists and policy makers.


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    I shared this thought today in a group of moms who work. We moms tend to feel guilty about leaving our kids beyond what is absolutely necessary. The next time you start feeling this way, ask yourself the following:


    Is (insert event name here)  part of your journey to achieve a professional goal? Will it help you get there faster? If the answer is yes, then stop feeling guilty and allow your husband/partner/family to support you in what you are doing. You are a good mom and it is okay to allow others to help take care of the kids. If they are fine with your going and see that this is part of the course of action to reaching your goals, then you are the only one holding yourself back. It’s classic mom guilt, built by generations of women who love to pass judgment and programmed into our heads by traditional media outlets. Let it go. On the other hand, if this is just a means of getting away and you really feel in your gut that your kids need you, then follow your gut.
    Recognize that gut and guilt may share letters but are NOT the same thing.

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